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Department of Civil Engineering

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About the Department

The college took a plunge into the immensely refreshing and challenging field of Civil Engineering with the setting up of the Civil Engineering Department, right from the genesis of the college. The Department of Civil Engineering is excellently suited to meet the ever changing requirements of engineers with courses that combine the study of management, business skills and computers with engineering.


The department ensures not only that the courses are updated, but also that they reflect the current needs of commerce, industry and the society as a whole. The department has been modernized to cope up with the dramatic changes brought about by the digital revolution. Teaching emphasis has been laid on including the basic aspects of all facets of the discipline, namely, construction materials, structural analysis, structural design in steel and concrete, water resources engineering, transportation engineering, environmental engineering, surveying and geotechnical engineering, GIS and remote sensing.

At the same time, in recognition of the importance of computer applications, courses like structural analysis in particular, have been framed in such a manner as to encourage the students to exploit the potential of computers for solving engineering problems. The department is proud of its faculty members with huge industrial experience. Faculty members are actively engaged in promoting R & D and consultancy activities.