CIET is an Engineering & Management Institute


CIET Raipur

Smart Class Room

Qualified faculty members assigned with various theory subjects prepare course plans using the standard format provided by the institute with emphasis on 'learning' of the students. The instructional or lecture delivery of the faculty will be through a set of Educational Technology / Tools opted by the faculty. The lectures lay emphasis on the following:

  • Knowledge content (topics in the curriculum)
  • Utility value - application in real life
  • Latest developments

The classroom sessions will be interactive and will encourage the students to think independently and inspire their creativity. The faculty will ensure that the students in the class have assimilated the content projected. High level of discipline will be maintained in the classroom. The faculty members are empowered to curb any disturbance and ensure that the time is used fruitfully.

To this effect, students are expected to maintain decorum and refrain from causing any disturbance in the classroom. Camera cell phones are prohibited in the campus. Students are advised not to carry cell phones to the classrooms and laboratories. Classroom instructions may be supplemented by students' presentations and / or guest lectures by external/internal experts. Attendance will be taken by the faculty concerned at the beginning of each session. All the classes will begin on time and the students coming late will not be given attendance.