Electronics and Telecommunication

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Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

CIET Raipur

About the Department

Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering aims at producing qualified and dynamic engineers in the fast changing areas of Electronics, Instrumentation and Communication Engineering. This undergraduate course has gained.

The Department has sophisticated and modern laboratory equipment and has been undertaking several research and development projects in the areas of Digital Signal processing, Intelligent Instrumentation, Secure Communication, Encryption Technology Embedded Systems, VLSI Systems and Electronic Design, Bioelectronics, Microcontroller Based Design etc.


The smooth functioning of it is what the whole global set-up depends on whether it is for pleasure, work, health or travel. Because of this functionality, the importance and possibilities of the course also sky-rockets. Firms are always on the lookout for expertise and fresh talent emerging from this genre. The faculty is also kept updated and aware of the ever changing technology through training and periodical guest-lectures, seminars etc.